Your First Visit – What to Expect?

Thank you for your interest in the Muskoka MediSpa and Vein Centre.

When you first arrive at the clinic you will be greeted by reception. Any clients considering assessment and treatment will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire before their assessment.

If you are coming to undergo treatment you should try and avoid shaving your legs or applying any creams to your legs before any procedure. You should avoid taking aspirin or ASA continuing medications for several days before your treatment also wear or bring loose fitting shorts.

You will then be assessed by Dr. MacDonald who will ascertain the nature of your venous complaints. Your assessment will likely include a targeted physical examination and may include use of a Doppler and or ultrasound. Your appointment will include a description of your treatment options and recommendations. Discussions will include the results to be expected and the risks associated with the treatment.

You will be advised of the approximate cost of each session and an estimate of the number and type of treatment sessions that will be required to achieve your goals. Many vein treatments are considered cosmetic and are not covered by OHIP. If you decide to proceed with a treatment option, photographic documentation of your veins may be done to keep in your chart; this may be repeated again after maximal results have been achieved. You will be asked to read and sign an informed consent before the procedure commences.

Following your treatment which may include fitting and or application of compression stockings you will be encouraged to go for a walk or some form of light activity in order to promote circulation in your legs.

Depending on the treatment you receive you may expect some bruising (usually minimal) for the first week. Most patients have no discomfort but some may experience mild tightness or cramping in their legs which is usually relieved with ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call.